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5413: burnham on chabon (fwd)

From: thor burnham <thorald_mb@hotmail.com>

On a trip to Haiti in '99 i was introduced to a Cuban two-burner system. It 
was cast iron and was fuelled by Kerosene. The system was affordable and i 
purchased it for some friends. It was, however, somewhat complicated and i 
understand since my trip in 2000 that the people pushing it have backed off 
because it's been tough for some of them to get the hang of it.

It was complicated because you needed to burn cooking alcohol to heat the 
valve sufficiently for the kerosene to work. But, once the people learn the 
system, its much cheaper than charcoal, much more dependable, and  much more 
environmentally friendly. Not to mention that it will light when it rains.

One would think that with a few minor changes to that system, you could very 
much reduce the number of people using chabon....although i realize its not 
as ideal a measure as organic or local fuel, it certainly is preferable to 
cutting down and burning the trees.

my two bits
Thor burnham
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