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5516: Any list members in the San Francisco area, please read , this.

>From Bob Corbett:  San Franciscol area folks:  Would any of you be 
willing to contact the two students whose names and e-mail addresses are
at the bottom of this note?

Dear Bob Corbett,

We are seniors at Lick Wilmerding High School in San Francisco and are
doing a three hour lecture series on Francois Duvalier and the history
of Haiti. We recently discovered your extensive web page and found it
incredibly useful. We feel that you would be a wonderful resource, and
were wondering if we could ask you a few questions:

Are there any resources (e.g. people, documents, videos etc.) for
information on Haiti in the San Francisco/Bay area region that you could

Do you know where we can find the following videos (In a location
accessible to us):
-Dreams of Democracy (Jonathan Demme)
-20/20 Interview between Baby Doc and Barbara Walters
-Interview in French with Francois Duvalier

Thank you for your time, we would appreciate your help!
You can reach us at:
PinkPixi@aol.com (Alex)
fanny@sirius.com (Fanny)

Alex, Fanny, Lulu and Kelly