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5515: Events in Haiti (fwd)

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

(from Caribbean Insight newsletter)  
(20 Oct 00)

Sixteen people, mostly former soldiers, were convicted on November 9 of
taking part in an April 1994 massacre in the Raboteau slum area of 
Gonaïves in which about 15 people were killed as alleged supporters of the
overthrown President Jean-Bertrand Aristide .  Twelve of the 16, including
the military commander of the town at the time, Capt Castera Cénafils, and
a grassroots figure turned paramilitary leader, Jean Tatoune, were jailed
for life with hard labour.  The other four received sentences of up to nine
years and six defendants were acquitted.  The 16 convicted were each
ordered to pay the equivalent of about $2,300 to a fund to benefit the
families of 15 victims.
        Thirty-seven other people, including the head of the military
regime, Gen Raoul Cedras, and his chief aides, along with former
paramilitary leader Emmanuel Constant, all of them living abroad, are also
being tried in connection with the massacre.  The Raboteau trial has taken
three years to prepare, with the help of an American lawyer, Brian
        Members of grassroots organisations blocked the main road to
southern Haiti near Petit-Goâve on November 10 and forced government
offices to close in protest against the appointment of a new head of the
Petit-Goâve port who they said had bribed the president of the senate,
Fanmi Lavalas spokesman Yvon Neptune, to get the job.
        Two of the six minor candidates running against former President
Aristide in the November 26 presidential election have withdrawn.