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5535: Re: 5527: Re: 5519: Two Americans Injured in Haiti (Saint-Vil) (fwd)

From: Racine125@aol.com

Jean Saint-Vil writes:

<<Perhaps all these years, the Haitian thief had been a "blan fearing", "blan 
mystified/blan worshiping" poor man looking for his daily bread in the 
streets of Port-au-Prince. ...This breed of young black men ...has lived with 
real blan all his life. He has been framed by them, jailed by them, 
ghettorised by them, deported by them, sold drugs for them, shot by them. >>

Oh puh-LEASE!  The criminals "exported" to Haiti are HAITIAN!  They are 
Haitian citizens who, if they had behaved themselves and kept their noses 
clean, could have had happy and productive lives in the USA.  Instead of 
respecting the sacrifice made by their families, who labored and sweated to 
bring them to the USA, they choose to live outside the law.  What do you 
think would happen to me if I went to Haiti and started a career as a 
housebreaker?  I bet I would be deported too!

Criminals in Haiti are not some sort of pitiable "poor men looking for their 
daily bread in the streets"!  They are thieves and murderers, they are 
zenglendos who break into the homes of Haitians, and kill Haitians!  Does it 
now make them more guilty in your eyes when their victims are Haitian?

And these "exported" Haitians are not poor victims of "framing" either - 
people are usually not deported for a first offense, at least not here in 
Boston.  Those who are deported are people who have committed more than one 
felony offense, or I should say, who have been *convicted* of more than one 
felony offense - God only knows how many offenses they actually committed 
before they were caught.  Blaming the American victims of these criminals for 
their criminal activities is RIDICULOUS.

In Boston right now there are about 75,000 Haitians.  The vast majority of 
those Haitians live law-abiding and productive lives!  They work hard, some 
as professionals and some not.  Their children achieve in school and aim for 
an even better future.  Those who choose to be criminals are criminals by 
choice - opportunities are available for those willing to work and learn.  
Using your racist bigotry to point at those mean old anonymous "blan" is 
nothing more than an attempt to deny responsibility.  Instead of slinging 
terms like "blan", point the finger of blame at the real offenders, who are 
offensive not because they are "nwe" but because they are CRIMINALS.

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra", 
     Good is rare - Haitian Proverb

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