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5536: What's thr best way to ship containers to Haiti?

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>
     Dear Corbett List Members/Readers:
        Greetings from Haiti. We are in need of advice and/or assistance in 
     finding the means to ship a large load (container) of medical supplies 
     from England to Haiti. A group in the UK by the name of the Order of 
     Orthodox Hospitalers, will ship these needed medical supplies to us for 
     the purpose of enlarging our already-operating clinic in Mayotte and 
     making it into a small hospital. The shipment is all ready to send in 
     Gloucester, and merely awaiting the necessary funds. We have made 
     arrrangements on this end for them to enter Haiti with no customs 
     expenses or entanglements. This is a legitimate organization and 
     officially-recognized by the proper governmental authorities in the UK.
        Could some of our readers help us in finding the means to pay for the 
     shipment? We have been working on this for over one year and might lose 
     it if we don't work fast! Further information regarding items, etc. is 
     certainly available by contacting me directly, or by contacting the 
     Chancellor of the group in the UK, Dr. Brett-Crowther, at 
        Thank you for your attention.
                   Father Michael Graves (archim@globelsud.net)