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5537: RE: 5514 (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     Several years ago, during the Cedras coup, a NYC photographer came to 
     take photos of our church and school, and then asked me to take him 
     driving so he could take other photos. I complied in order to be 
     accomodating. This photographer (a professional) had me stop in the 
     middle of Grand Rue so that he could take photos of people picking 
     through the garbage piles in the street. He had me drive him to Cite 
     Soliel so that he could photograph children going to the toilet in the 
     fields. He got a beautiful photo (prize-winning) of a young man 
     snorting coke in an alleyway. He took photos of two goats having sex 
     in front of the Roman Catholic cathedral! He had another prize-winning 
     photo of a poor mother with an emaciated baby in her arms.
        Needless to say, I took him back to his hotel toute suite, but not 
     quickly enough to keep him from going back to NYC with those photos 
     and publishing them in a well-known magazine. He made lots of money. 
     The kids are still going to the toilet in the field in Cite Soliel, 
     and people are still picking through the garbage everywhere.
        No further comments necessary!