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5869: Corbett replies to Dorce reply to Manus

>From Bob Corbett:

I am rather startled and most disappointed in Kathy Dorce's response
on her charge against Mr. Manus.  Dorce makes a serious allegation
that there is a hidden and somehow evil agenda in Mr. Manus' project.
I have no idea in the world if this is so and no view on it.

However, when fairly challenged to provide some defense of this
claim which is offered without a shred of evidence on her part and no
detail, Dorce attempts to turn the table and suggest that the question is
somehow suspect because Mr. Manus' brother raises it.

I am not Mr. Manus' relation, don't know him at all, don't know
his program.  But I too wondered what hidden information Dorce
had that would lead to this character-damaging suggestion and yet
no evidence offered.  But, I admit, I wasn't much curious to know
and didn't ask.

Then when I see how Dorce treats a most fair call to defend
her charge and she that uses a tactic of demeaning the question because
it comes from his brother, well, then I become most curious as to
the source and nature of this charge.

I think it is a most fair question and am astonished at what
seems to me a most irresponsible and flip reply from Dorce on this
chracter-damaging claim she makes.  I believe any person deserve a
more fair treatment that Mr. Manus received from Dorce in her
earlier post.

Bob Corbett