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5868: Re: 5491: Haitian & US electoral parallels: Dorce to Manus (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 11/18/2000 11:58:51 AM Pacific Standard Time, charles 
Manus <cmanu@starpower.net>  writes:


<<  " .  Leon Manus has an agenda that makes him suspect.  Things are
not always as they seem or as they are told, as you well know"  >>

C. Manus (who certainly has no agenda here, being a bystander...):

<<  With reference to the above statement made by Kathy Dorce, I am very 
to know about the mentioned Manus agenda. Could K Dorce tell us more about
it, since she seems to know all the inside informations and to have a
response for everything.
It's too easy to come up with some unnuendos or to try to distort the facts,
that would be nice if she could give us more details on what she seems to

What might have been more illuminating than this request of me for more 
information, would be Charles' rebuttal of my above statement.  If he knows 
something we should know, about Mr. Leon Manus' purity of spirt and motive, I 
would like to hear it.  I believe I have heard Manus' name bantied about with 
regard to being a presidential candidate (of course not now, but perhaps 
after the coup.............OOPS.......did I say coup?).  Is Charles saying 
that Leon is in the US to stay?  And has no further personal interest in 
Haitian politics?  

If I sound like I have something to say about everything (I don't!), it may 
be because I speak with impunity, living as I do in California.  And those in 
the thick of things cannot say what I say, though they may think it.  If I 
perform the function of a gadfly, I am happy to do so.  If I could do more, I 
would, and I may just do that.  

most sincerely,