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5867: Crew Member Killed During Jet Landing in Miami (fwd)

From: nozier@tradewind.net

Monday November 20 3:10 PM ET
Crew Member Killed During Jet Landing in Miami 

MIAMI (Reuters) - An American Airlines crew member who opened
 the door of a jetliner too soon after an emergency landing was sucked
out of the plane and killed Monday at Miami International Airport,
police said. The pilot of American Airlines Flight 1291, from Miami to 
Port-au-Prince, Haiti, turned the A-300 Airbus around when he spotted
an engine fire warning light in the cockpit and successfully landed back
at the airport.``Before he had a chance to depressurize the cabin, one
of the crew members tried to open the door and the crew member was
literally sucked out of the plane,'' Miami-Dade Police spokeswoman Nelda
Fonticella said. As many as 12 other people among the 138 passengers and
crew on the jet were treated for minor injuries after sliding down
emergency chutes on the tarmac at Miami International. Airport officials
said it was not known if there was a fire in the engine or if the
warning light malfunctioned.
American Airlines is owned by AMR. Corp. (NYSE:AMR - news)