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5994: Manus: Chamberlain comments on Pina (fwd)

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

Hot on the heels of Kathy Dorcé, Kevin Pina has provided us with another
excellent example of unproven allegations and innuendo.

He writes:

> A few notes on Manus....
> Firstly let us remember that his "flight" was arranged by Gerard Phillipo
of USAID. 

Kevin implicitly invites us believe that the whole thing was a plot
engineered by US officials, but oddly chooses not to say it straight out. 
"Kevin Pina visited the US embassy to consult a document in the embassy
library."  If this was true, must we conclude that Kevin is a CIA agent
using, say, "slanted documents" in a "coup-bent" embassy?  

> Secondly, by all accounts here he lied about threats against him by
Aristide and Preval.

Can Kevin tell us what these "all accounts" were?  Or were they the single
source of Lavalas?

> He has been quoted recently as stating that he always thought the
composition of the CEP, during his tenure, was six to three against
> Lavalas until they "bought" certain members.  He makes these statement
without producing a "shred of evidence" and yet the ambulance > chasers and
doom sayers are quick to fall all over themselves to repeat the

I don't know what evidence Manus has for saying that, but since he was a
member of the CEP, I think he is likely to have much better evidence for it
than Kevin has against it.  

> What is crystal clear is that he has been collaborating and making plans
with Olivier Nadal. 

He was apparently a friend of Nadal.  But how is it "crystal clear" he has
been "collaborating and making plans with Nadal"?  
"Kevin Pina once spoke to a US embassy official.  It is crystal clear he is
an agent of the CIA."  Just following Kevin's logic again.

> Let us remember that the little coup that almost happened a while back
had the stated desire to assasinate Preval and Aristide and to 
> place Nadal and Manus at the head of a provisional government. 

No "coup leaders" stated any public desire to assassinate etc.  There was
one report, aired on Radio Kiskeya as "a secret report," which gave a
supposed account of a coup plot with such details in it, plus remarks by PM
Alexis.  Can Kevin tell us the author of this report, which he accepts so
easily?  Might it not be the "victors" over the "coup" -- the
government/Lavalas ?

        Greg Chamberlain