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5993: Re: Pina comments on Manus; Simidor objects (fwd)

From: Karioka9@cs.com

kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com> wrote:

> . . .  by all accounts here he [Manus] lied about about threats against 
> him by Aristide and Preval.

By whose account exactly?  There is plenty of evidence of Lavalas 
manipulation before, during and after the May 21 elections.  There is also 
ample evidence of Lavalas violence against the democratic opposition, e.g. 
the Nov. 2 incidents in the Central Plateau, and the assassination attempt 
against Herve Denis the following week in Saint Louis du Sud.  In the light 
of this, Pina's accusation above is perfectly meaningless.  Manus declared he 
was threatened.  Preval and Aristide would neither confirm nor deny his 
claim.  Who in their right mind would actually believe the worthless prattle 
of Lavalas sycophants over the desperate flight of an old man for his life?
> Let us remember that the little coup that almost happened a 
> while back had the stated desire to assassinate Preval and Aristide and to 
> place Nadal and Manus at the head of a provisional government.

Stated by whom?  Only by Lavalas' propaganda apparatus.  The Lavalas regime 
has not produced a shred of evidence about any such coup attempt or plot.  
The little coup that almost happened in Lavalas' imagination, perhaps?  
Frankly Pina's assertions are too partisan and too gratuitous to be taken 
seriously. . . .  Manus and USAID . . .  Manus and Nadal . . .  guilt by 
association . . . the same kind of insidious practice Corbett objected to 
Daniel Simidor