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5912: RE:5993 & 5994 (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     In response to Daniel Simidor and Greg Chamberlain's  "slaps" 
     at Kevin Pina's words regarding Leon Manus, et.al., I have 
     merely this to say:
        Daniel says, and Greg implies, that Kevin's assertions are without 
        proof, and maybe that is correct as far as the public printing of 
        proof is concerned. But, Daniel and Greg and Charles Manus don't have 
        any  proof for what they say either! Don't forget, friends, we do not 
        counter things we do not like to hear by declaring them to be without 
        substance and partisan, while at the same time trying to prove our 
        own point by putting forth other assertions which are equally without 
        substance and partisan.
           Let's keep in mind that old addage about black cats and kettles!
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