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5911: 'Blan' & Haitian Culture (fwd)

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

Understanding Haitian Culture -- Haitians never showed any racism against 
foreigners. One's color does not really matter in Haiti and this goes back 
to the time of the Haitian Revolution (almost 200 years ago). Dessalines 
(the nation's father) himself is clear on that by granting Haitian 
citizenship to Polish soldiers and made sure that many whites were 
protected. Followinng this debate on Corbett Land, it's more a matter of who 
is on the side of Haitians (friends) and who is abusing / exploiting them 
(enemies). If you live with them, eat with them, struggle with them, speak 
their language, respect them, understand their cry for liberation... I 
pretty much doubt they would you consider you a foreigner ('blan') no matter 
what color you are.


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