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5996: Re: 5963: Re: 5514: Giving back as a photographer (fwd)

From: LeGrace Benson <legracebenson@clarityconnect.com>
>From: Jetphire@aol.com
>I have been working with at risk youth, homeless families, and street 
>children for over 10 years, and in many of the cities and communities
where I 
>photograph, there are folks who do not want their pictures taken. 

Jennifer's project sounds like a really good one, with some ideas others
could borrow.  In the documentation of art students at FERA did last
January and February, there was acceptance of the project, in part because
all but one of the people doing the photographing and taping were local,
and because students  were often able to give the documented artist or
artisan a polaroid photo to keep. This pleased everyone all around.
Finally, the documentation (when catalogues and duplicated) will be
available in the library of Regina Assumpta for anyone who wishes to view
and hear. Participation in any aspect of the project was voluntary. 
One view of Haiti that emerges from such joint efforts is that the country
is full of capable, imaginative folks.  Instead of "Haiti, the poorest
country in the hemisphere," we should be saying, "Haiti, the country of
imaginative survivors."