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5995: Pina's additional notes on Manus (fwd)

From: KEVIN PINA <kevinpina@usa.net>

We have nothing except Leon Manus?s statement itself to back up his claim that
the GOH threatened his life and Lavalas bought members of the Provisional
Electoral Council. If tangible evidence exists, other than his allegations to
the fact, I am certain we would all like to have a good look at it.  

I have traveled extensively throughout Haiti since his ever so dramatic
?flight? to the United States.  In the provinces a great many people don?t
even know who the man is when you mention his name.  Among those who are
familiar with him, and his role in Haitian history, the consistent word that
is used to refer to him is ?magouye? which is translated as liar.  This is not
from Lavalas officials but from common folk, many who are quick to point to
his initial response to the OAS declaring that the calculations were valid
based upon precedence.  His sudden 180  degree turn and departure, amid
allegations of death threats, are highly suspect to them and many believe that
he himself has in fact been bought off.  

Among those who are most informed, there is an opinion that he is being
manipulated by his relatives, most notably Oliver Nadal, Stanley Lucas and
Charles Manus, who are viewed as collaborating with Senator Jesse Helms and
Representative Benjamin Gilman.  Oliver Nadal is the former president of the
Haitian Chamber of Commerce, Stanley Lucas was pointman for the International
Republican Institute in Haiti while Charles Manus is the Caribbean Accounts
Manager for IntelSat, whose US partner is Comsat, which is a wholly owned
subsidiary of the largest US defense contractor Lockheed Martin. 

Now admittedly, Mr. Manus is getting on in years but the allegations he is
making are serious enough that his age does not grant him immunity from
presenting tangible evidence to substantiate his claims.  His assertions alone
do not prove what are being touted as facts and it is not a question of what
anyone else has said or is saying at present, it is solely a question of him
providing tangible corroboration to be viewed in the light of day.

Personally, I would be ashamed if my government is any way involved in making
Mr. Manus the poster boy for the latest effort, in a well-documented campaign,
to discredit and otherwise isolate Lavalas, and by extension, the Haitian
people.  It would be a cynical gesture that will not serve the interests of
Haiti or that of the American people.  

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