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Message # 6000

Folks, the last record I have is that message 4000 went out
on June 1, 2000.  Now, near Dec. 1 is message 6000.  That means
that in 5 months we had 2000 messages.  Busy times.

It was in August 1999 that I moved the list to Webster University's
sever.  Thus 6000 messages since that date.  I have no idea
in the world how many went out on my other e-mail account
between June 1994 when I began the list and August 1999.
I wasn't numbering them in the "old" days.

The subscription is now over 1000 on THIS list, but I understand
there are several sub-lists where some person on the main list
takes the responsibility of filtering messages to fit the 
more limited interests of some.  Perhaps some day I can
offer such a general service, but not at this time.

It's a delight working with you all on this lists.  Ah, I know,
I can be a pain now and again with my "rules" of discourse,
but mainly we all seem to get along fairly well.

Now, onward toward 7000.

Best, Bob Corbett