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6010: Re: 5989: Will Ayiti find true friends up north - finally? (Saint-Vil) (fwd)

From: Martine Jean <alix3@hotmail.com>

"both Bush and Gore should call Titid, Jean Chrétien, Jacques
>Chirac and all the other neo-colonial leaders should call Aristide and
>concede their defeat."

I do hope you're being ironic and that you don't believe that the 
international community will gently concede their defeat.

That is one thing everyone should learn from Haitian politics and its 
manipulation by the international community for the past fifteen years.

The international community with the United States in the lead will never 
give up its destructive grasp on Haiti. While Haiti is finally making 
efforts toward establishing a democratic system and realizing its first free 
elections as a state, the International Community obssessively opposed these 
efforts, denying their legitimacy and thrashing everything the current 
government does to assure a democratic transition in Haiti.

the current situation is sad. It is sad not because Haiti has had the 
courage despite many obstacles to pursue with the democratic process but 
because no matter what, the enemies of Haiti who rule the OAS and the UN 
(another name for the US) are in definite positions of power with regard to 
Haiti. They control the international press and are doing a good job at 
portraying the elections in Haiti as taking place in a climate of violence, 
and chaos. Worse of all, listening to them not even 10% of the voting 
population would have made it to the voting poles on Sunday!

Now that they don't have the army to do the job quickly, rallying public 
opinions on their side by bluntly lying is a very good and potentially very 
productive tactic to destroy the democratic process in Haiti.

That's just the beginning. Economic sanctions are to follow and even though 
we would like to say, "We don't care!" we are not in a position to do so. 
The impacts of these sanctions will paralyze the new government and cause 
social unrests and the decay of Aristide's popularity and the lavalas 
movement if they can't cope with the situation.

If Haiti with Aristide as its new president want to make it in the next four 
years and beyond, they'd better not underestimate the power, resistance and 
patience of the enemies of Haiti and prepare themselves for the worse. that 
may be our only chance for survival.

"lage aveti pa touye kokobe"


>From: Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu>
>To: Haiti mailing list <haiti@lists.webster.edu>
>Subject: 5989:  Will Ayiti find true friends up north - finally? 
>(Saint-Vil) (fwd)
>Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 10:19:31 -0600 (CST)
>From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>
>The people of Haiti have spoken. With traditional bravery,  my people faced
>the hand grenade scare, the laboratory's demoralisation machine, the
>isolation threat from our «friends»?, the anti-Ayiti propaganda machine and
>went out in all 9 departments and voted for a new president.
>Now, the neo-colonial opposition must call the new president and concede 
>defeat. I.e., both Bush and Gore should call Titid, Jean Chrétien, Jacques
>Chirac and all the other neo-colonial leaders should call Aristide and
>concede their defeat. Now they should stop being the opposition and start
>being real friends. They should order their ambassadors (especially the
>German and American ones!) to stop behaving like colonial governors and to
>start working in their capacity as representatives of friendly peoples that
>want to accompany the Haitian people in their struggle for complete 
>properity and happiness. If they cannot do so, they should get out and stay
>out of our lives.
>We march on towards 2004 with or without true friends. By the way, I extend
>sincere thanks to our brothers and sisters from the Caribbean community
>(CARICOM), Quixote Centre and other true friends of Ayiti for their support
>during our trying times. The people of Ayiti made their choice. It is up to
>the so-called friends now to choose whether 2000 will look like 1800 and
>1900 or mark the dawn of a new era of true friendship between them and us.
>Lapè !
>«Zanmi lwen, tout bon vre si ou vle ou ka vin zanmi pre - si ou vle! »
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