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6009: 12/7r-LOOKING FOR LIFE- Haiti/Germany doc. Film-Riverside Church in NY City

From: Tequila Minsky <tminsky@ix.netcom.com>

Dana--YOU TOO can see this film...in your "neighborhood"
on DEC. 7--Riverside Church....:)


Haiti/Germany:1999 60 min. documentary in Kreyol/French
with English subtitles
Claudette Coulanges, dir.
Monday, 11/27, 7:30 pm Q&A following reception 
Anthology of Film Archives, 32 2nd Ave., NYC

Thurs. 12/7, 2:30pm Riverside Church, 120th & Riverside Drive

8th Annual African Diaspora Film Festival
http://www/africanfilm.com/festival 212-864-1760 

LOOKING FOR LIFE, introduces the viewer to two women Anne-Rose
and Rosemene, who each one has their own particular way of battling
through life.  The former makes lunches in a factory yard in 
Port-au-Prince and sells her meals to the factory workers; the latter is
employed in the same factory as a production worker making pullovers and 
T-shirts.  Every day she buys her mid-day meal on credit from Anne-Rose.

Through the connection between these two women the film reveals part of
their daily work and the constant battle for survival that they lead
together with other women in Haiti. Going beyond this, however the film
demonstrates the extenet to which the importation of NOrth American goods
has brought about the collapse of Haitian regional production and ruined
Haiti's economy. The connection between the two topics of the film reveals
the significant role that Haitian women of today play in an economy that
has bled dry.