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6048: Haiti A Place to Visit (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Many times one can see the name of Haiti is on
Traveler Warning List, I wonder why I never see the
name of the state of Israel in that list where people
have 1000% chance to be a victim than in Haiti.
Thousand of foreigners are living a peaceful life in
Haiti. It is unacceptable to consider the whole
country as an unsafe place where only most violent
crimes are committed at Port-au-Prince. Folks,
Brooklyn, Bronx, over town in Miami, Liberty City
(Miami) and other hot places in the US are very
dangerous places to live, but we do not say vocally
that the United States is unsafe.  This should apply
to Haiti as well.  Haitians are peaceful people who
are just looking for a way of life, it is unfortunate
seeing Haitians discouraging others from visiting the
country. To anyone who will visit the land of
Toussaint Louverture, Haiti is a nice place to visit
and Haitians are very friendly.  You will receive
proper assistance anywhere in the country, go to see
for yourself. I have a few friends who had visited the
country, once return some of them are asking why the
media is portraying Haiti in such negative manner? 
One told me his car broke down and people in that
community fixes his car give him food for free.  If
you plan to visit Haiti take the same precaution that
you will take in your hometown, also make sure you
remain with someone who knows the country; learn some
Creole words, people will more likely to help you if
you greet them "Koman ou ye or Sak passé" and also
don't remain in your hometown, go visit other places,
like you do in the US, Canada and other countries.
Don't leave without visiting the Citadelle the 8th
marvelous monument in the World; also talk to the
ordinary citizen if you need to have an idea about
what is going on in the country.


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