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6251: Haiti Trade Mission 2001 (and a request) (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

                                    Port-au-Prince, Dec 17, 2000

Hello Corbetters:

For those of you interested in an organized weekend trip to Haiti, our
company has a limited number of places open on our Haiti Trade Mission
2001, scheduled for President's Weekend, February 16-19th.  

Participants meet in Miami Friday afternoon, fly to Haiti Saturday
morning, and return to Miami Monday afternoon.  The subsidized ticket
price ($695 single...$595 each based on double occupancy) includes airfare
plus taxes, local transportation in Miami and Haiti, 3 nights hotel, all
meals, factory tours, Sunday Morning Breakfast Conference, day at the
beach, etc. etc. etc.  Further details are two clicks away on our website:


As for the request, the Sunday Morning Breakfast Conference advertises 3
speakers, but we only have 1 and a half so far.  If anyone has a
suggestion in that regard, we would be interested!  Keep in mind the
audience (numbering about 20) will consist of people who don't know much
about Haiti, but do have labor intensive products that could be produced
here.  (In most cases they are already sending us product to build and are
just coming down to check us and the country out).  We don't mind a
speaker with a slightly positive spin, but are not interested in entering
the Haitian political debate which is really outside the scope of the
weekend.  A solid presentation by an NGO with long experience in-country
might be of interest.

Please respond off-list by e-mail <lpdurban@yahoo.com> if you would like
to participate or could make a suggestion on a suitable Sunday morning

Thanks and regards,
Lance Durban

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