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6252: Re: 6250: Haiti opposition announces parallel government (fwd) Poincy comments (fwd)

From: caineve@idt.net

On the name of "DEMOCRACY" we are having a group defying both the rules
of the government in place and the legitimacy of the president elect.
Regardless of election irregularities or fraud, Aristide is to be the
legitimate president of Ayiti. Going against this fact can really lead
to the most undesirable to the proponents of democracy, a repressive
government in its most vicious form which myself I would deplore despite
my penchant for a repressive government. Are these guys really playing
on the turn-out to the United States election result? If it is so their
judgement is much to question.  

It's very sad to see that alternative leaders of a country in such a
mess to rely on the politics of another country to determine their faith
as politicians. That shows these guys' ability to resolve the country's
problem is not up to par which gives me reason to bet strongly on
anything that is not them. By not partaking in the elections they made
their biggest political mistake. The way things are all that was needed
was presence and the will to play the game. Now opting to form an
alternative government shows how politically inapt they are. 

In the days where civil war was possible, that would be a fertile ground
for civil war. However, we need not to court this idea for it is very
unlikely due to the lack of a strong ideal worth fighting and dying for.
Further, they lack the credibility before the masses whom really have
more at stake to take up arms against an illegitimate government. Taking
all in consideration, loyalty of the masses is Aristide's turf. That
makes it a weak ground for them.

The best way for them to make political sense is to agree to play the
game first by making themselve a counterweight to Aristide's government.
They would be there as a political watch to the Aristide's government.
Second by doing what Aristide has been doing all along: pay attention to
the "HAVE NOTS" and help soothing their hunger pains, however little
that might be. Then they would be fully in the game since their
political base would be broaden. 

Not willing to play the game shows that Ayiti is not quite ready for
democracy as we wish and things can be done only by a strong repressive
hand which would be legit today considering the latest development.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live