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6259: Re: 6255: Re: 6253: Re: Haiti parallel government!?? (fwd)

From: Hyppolitep@aol.com

We are all seem to be asking ourselves the same question here. Is it true 
that the opposition is forming a parallel government to the legitimate one, 
elected by the people on November 26?

Well, it is true. I believe I read on Friday's Agence Haïtienne de Presse 
news bulletin, something to that effect. I also believe that the Prime 
Minister (Alexis), said something to the effect that they are a bit crazy.

In any case, I have been saying to myself lately that if I ever were to 
become a Political Sciences Professor let's say in the United States, I would 
take all my pupils to Haiti during an entire full semester for a crash course 
as to how NOT to behave as a political opposition in an emerging democratic 
system. I wouldn't have to do much for them, except to translate the 
opposition leader's every speeches, reflexion, thoughts. etc. I would also 
take them to places throughout the country, show them what the legitimate 
government has been doing for the past few years; how far we've gotten from 
where we were, and make sure that I have data available to prove it to them.

They would conclude on their own, that it is very sad for such a poor country 
with a people of such great soul and faith, to go through so much, just 
because they want to have an effective and positive say in their political 

Beyond partisanship and passion, we should admit that most of Haiti's 
opposition is a sad bunch of power-hungry egomaniacs, who do not understand 
neither the meaning, nor the significance of Democracy.

Hyppolite Pierre