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6291: Re: 6248: Corbett replies to Manigat on Les petits freres de l'Incarnation (fwd)

From: Martha O'Brien <mobfa1@scotus.sfcpa.edu>

As Bob and some of the rest of you already know, I have also 
spent time with the Little Brothers and Little Sisters of the 
Incarnation in Pandiassou and have also led several groups of 
students on "service-learning/intercultural exchange" trips. There 
are several of us who are talking about a "retreat" such as the one 
Bob mentions--at this point it's one of those "well, let's see who 
prefers that kind of trip and when it suits most of us....sometime 
within the next year or so...."

This past summer I spent about six or seven weeks with the 
brothers and sisters, trying to improve my pretty bad Creole, 
helping them with a weaving project they have undertaken and 
helping them record a second tape of their original songs. It was a 
wonderful experience which I hope to repeat every summer (minus 
the typhoid which I mentioned in a previous post!)

If anyone is interested in further details about the variety of projects 
which the brothers and sisters are working on currently, I would be 
happy to correspond with you. They are engaged in many 
interesting and helpful projects including pottery, a technical 
school, fish farming, irrigation and feeding centers for children.  It is 
interesting to note that even though the schools they are involved 
with are officially Roman Catholic, many of the children who attend 
are either Protestant or Vaudouisants, which makes for an 
interesting ecumenical mix.

Martha O'Brien