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6292: re 6237: question about INS action (fwd)

From: RRoss44699@aol.com

You have to be fair to INS.  I was an INS prosecutor for 5 years.  In order
for INS to be able to do something about someone, that person has to fit
within a deportable or inadmissible category pursuant to sections 212 or 237
of the Immigration & Nationality Act.  There were dozens of cases that we
knew about involving human rights abusers whom we could do nothing about
because their cases did not fit within one of the categories mentioned above,
which are established by Congress.  The Immigration Committee on the Hill is
now exploring a human rights abuser bill that would help to alleviate the
problem of having these horrible people we can't do anything about.  I
recently testified at a Congressional hearing in support of such a bill.
Until such a law is established, however, perhaps your criticism is best
directed towards the lawmakers who haven't put laws on the books that enable
law enforcement to take action against such persons.