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6288: Re: 6260: RE: 6242 (fwd)

From: Vivian Tortora <vtortora@capecod.net>

Dear archim,

Thank you, thank you for your response to maxetluc. I was part of the
independent observer delegation. I was in Gwo Mon, and Gonaives. We saw a
much higher voter turn out than was reported by the press, and the Lavalas
opposition. Offering limeade . . . what a nice thing to do. I know that the
BV workers must have really appreciated that refreshment, as we saw that in
Gwo Mon, and Gonaives it is a long day for them, often without food or

Would you consider sending a letter about what you witnessed to Jesse Helms?

Vivian Tortora

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> From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>
>         We never saw maxetluc driving around here in Petion-Ville, and we
>      were giving free limeade to everyone who was voting at the station in
>      front of our house. And how can one who is "driving around" get a
>      proper picture of the numbers at a polling station? Maybe he was
>      somewhere else when the crowd was biggest at our polling station or
>      those of other areas!
>         And lots of polling stations were in areas where one can not go
>      "driving around" because there are no roads for cars.
>               archim