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6421: Re: 6408: CIA and 1991 Coup (Kozyn responds to St. Vil) (fwd)

From: John Kozyn <jckozyn@hotmail.com>

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

>Considering that one of the questions asked by Kathy was whether Mr.
>Chamberlain believes that the CIA is a fictitious organization, that it has
>nothing to do with all the coup d'état it has been said to conduct in the
>Americas, the above statement by Mr. Chamberlain is quite striking and note

I didn't read GC's post about this and I guess I must have overlooked Ms. 
Dorcé's response, but this is an interesting subject.

I have to admit that I do wonder what some of you 900+ lurkers might think 
of the CIA's role in Haiti (except you CIA lurkers maybe ;) but not in 
reference to 1991 - I don't care about 1991 anymore, except for the lessons 
that were learned.

I also wonder what the CIA might be doing right now. Yeah, right now... so, 
let's put our thinking caps on please :)

Lets face reality kidz. Most of y'all (Americans anyway) would like to 
pretend that the CIA doesn't exist and maybe doesn't even operate in Haiti 
today (!), busy as y'all are with your individual/group projects, adoptions, 
feeding programs, art sales, personal studies  and what-not.

And, if you _do_ bother to think about this at all, maybe you create a new 
compartment in your mind in which to tuck away that disturbing thought - 
since y'all know in your heart that the CIA is a less-than-benevolent 
organization when it comes to developing countries, responsible for all 
sorts of anti-democratic mischief since its inception in 1946 - all of which 
may not fit into your pre-ordained system of categorization.

Hey! Argue with me if y'all think I'm wrong. Speak up!

But if you really believe that the CIA is a "myth" then y'all are dead 
wrong. The CIA _is_ active in Haiti and in every other country FTM. Those 
who doubt that can only be political naïfs IMO.

But the more important question is this: What exactly are they doing? I 
wonder if they are working with Fanmi Lavalas, trying to support the 
democratic struggle of Haiti's not-so-rich majority? Hmm, I think we should 
"debate" this. I'll bet that will further things right along...

>Please can the investigative journalists enlignten us here?

Don't hold your breath. They would be so afraid to be 'blacklisted' - to be 
denied access to their "sources" in offical-dom - it would end up being a 
self-censoring enterprise. Superficial and weakly-probing questions maybe, 
but that's it. The final spin will be controlled by the spin-doctors 

(I will congratulate Christopher Marquis, now of the NYT, once again though, 
for popping Brian Latell and his idiotic colleagues in the CIA several years 
ago in his jolting Miami Herald articles debunking the CIA black-propaganda 
campaign aganst JBA - hey, do you think they would ever wanna resurrect that 

Nah, I didn't think so either... ;)

Having said that, however, I'm sure Greg Chamberlain and others would agree 
with me that there are _plenty_ of Haitians willing to sell their country 
out to the CIA for a handful of dollars and a visa.

What a - joke.

All you well-meaning, so-called liberal types are the ones who should be 
ashamed, not those that defend the rights of a sovereign Haitian nation to 
design it's own political future. What are y'all afraid of? Democracy?

N ap gade,


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