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6422: TELECO For sale? (fwd)

From: felix Augustin <felix_augustin@hotmail.com>

Is anyone aware of this situation at TELECO?

I get the word last week that Teleco is in the process of opening
up their telephone service in the "province " to the private sector.  I
understand that a number of areas in particular, Gonaives, Le Nord are
already affected whereby the Teleco employees in these areas have already 
been advised that their jobs will be phased out shortly and those who 
survive, will be working from some private " Companies " that have yet to be 

The question is: who own these private companies? Are they operating legally 
in Haiti? As I understand, each province will have its own company and in 
various places, the company will be nothing else
than a bogus company that belong to some elected officials. Teleco's assets, 
such as cooling water fountain, fans and other small items for employees 
have already been removed from some locations.

Understanding that Telecommunication in Haiti is still a monopoly as
legally VOip service can not be offered, at this juncture, I need to 
comprehend the following :

1. Is Teleco yet privatized ?
2. Who are these bogus companies?
3. How do they select these companies in the areas?
4. Who made that decision ?
5. Is this a legal move by whoever is doing it ?
6. Was a "decree" published to call for bidders ?
7. Was is the status of Telecommunication in Haiti ?
8. Where is our regulatory body in there ?
9  ........... ?

X  ..........?

    We need to stay vigilant as the "pillage" of certain sectors might be in 
progress . Can someone elaborate on that situation ? Is the country for SALE 
or else?

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