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6430: Ruckle replies to Poincy on parallel government (fwd)

From: "James R. Ruckle" <jruckle@citynet.net>

The reason that the Haitian opposition is using a tactic of nonparticipation, is
that it worked in Perú. The expected candidate won the vote, but wound up
resigning three months later because of a total lack of legitimacy. A phone call
to Uncle Sam was involved. Whether the united opposition in Haiti has any more
legitimacy than Lavalas remains to be seen. When I was there in 1987, there were
so many political parties the country resembled Italy. There may be a sizable
portion of registered voters who are not represented by either group. The
opposition in Perú, on the other hand, was composed of several fairly strong
political parties. Comments?

James R. Ruckle
"And they shall call his name Emmanuel, which means, God with us."
"Y llamarás su nombre Emmanuel, que declarado, es: Con nosotros Dios."