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6429: Re: Bryant replies to challenge

From: Greg and Susan Bryant <gregandsusan@rainbowtel.net>

As for:
>> Please can the investigative journalists enlighten us here?
>Why not?  But let's beware of those with a disguised agenda (of left or
>who pretend to be open-minded about reaching a conclusion.  But why 
>leave it to journalists?  The method's simple.  We can all examine
>Trouble is, many aren't too interested in doing the work.

Okay, *I'm* interested. I don't have a lot of spare time, and no one will
pay me for it, which they might a professional journalist, but I can read
and write and I'm willing to do what I can, and pass the results along to
the pros to write up & publish. I'm untrained. Tell me where to start
looking. I'm not joking, I'm entirely sincere. Can anyone with experience
in investigative journalism outline a few tips to help amateur volunteers
get started? I imagine many on this list would be willing to do some footwork.