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6428: Re: 6422: TELECO For sale? (fwd) Poincy comments (fwd)

From: caineve@idt.net

Felix, there is no reason to be alarmed because TELECO is going private. I do 
not know the facts; however, I can comment on the situation to address your 
concern. Whether the companies are bogus or not is nothing to worry about and 
assure yourself that the country is not being sold because TELECO is going 
private. The main reason for this is that telecommunication is not a public 
good like water distribution, electricity and transportation to require the 
government?s constant watch.

Anyone who decides to buy shares of TELECO makes an investment of his/her own 
money. Therefore, not taking the correct business approach to make it 
profitable will be his/her own financial peril. With this in mind, there is an 
incentive to provide the services. One?s failure not to provide the services 
properly will not impede the people or the community in their survival quest; 
for they can go without having a telephone and their life will not be threaten. 
In other words the poor or no distribution or the opposite of such a good 
should not be a worry for anyone. 

Think of CAMEP and ELECTRICITY to be privatized. In such a case, I?d be the 
first one to scream. I would scream less for electricity and less and less for 
transportation. The need to worry for the provision of a public good by a 
private entity is when the chances to exclude someone or a big chunk of the 
population from receiving it increases, while it is a key element to maintain 
their daily activities in which case great social damages would occur. Water 
distribution, provision of electricity are that kind of public goods that 
privatization would destroy if not properly regulated.

Anyway one would put it, the privatization of TELECO would not cause any social 
damages at all if a big chunk of the population were excluded. The reason why 
people are scared if TELECO is privatized is because it is used as a source 
of ?unemployment security benefits?. Those employed there to do nothing risk to 
be unemployed in the case of a privatization or a change of government. Hence, 
the reason why TELECO is one of the most politicized entities in Ayiti. The 
privatization move is in a fact a blessing as it bears the fruit of keeping the 
rate of employment up. Yes! The useless employees would go and sit on the 
unemployment bench, and it is a must. However, on the other side of the coin, 
more able individuals would be employed and that would offset positively the 
number of those unemployed.

Don't worry, the country is not for SALE and this is a wise economic decision. 
The country is on the road for an increase of employment and more and better 
provision of the service. THIS IS JUST GREAT.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live

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