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6425: Parallel government (fwd)

From: OLOFFSONRAM@aol.com

I remember debating a few years back with a writer from the New Yorker as to 
whether or not, when counting governments in Haiti during the last thirteen 
or so years, one should include Lafontant's ten hours. The New Yorker writer, 
who did most of his research from outside of Haiti, vehemently debated that 
Lafontant's ten hours should not be considered a government. I , on the other 
hand, argued that when someone is in the National Palace, making decrees to 
the population on the government's National Television station,  he is for 
all intents and purposes, for the moment,  president.
If someone sets up a parallel government in Haiti and starts making decrees 
and these decrees are carried out, then their legitimacy will have to be 

As for Kozyn's remarks on the CIA, I would assume, from the HBO movies I love 
to watch, that the CIA has infiltrated the "opposition" AND JBA's camp, not 
just one or the other. They're probably also in Croix Bossales, the Corbett 
list, in the provinces, at the airport, with the missionaries and every where 
else you could imagine, including Mr Kozyn's office, where ever that may be.

Richard Morse
p.s.  1)What ever happened to the linguists on the list?
        2) How many years did it take Castro to turn around the literacy rate 
in Cuba?