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6426: Jeff Allen Comments on 6410: Another member removed from list... (fwd)

From: MIT2CEO@aol.com

Dear friends and colleagues on the Corbett Haiti Mailing List,

Like all of us who are subscribed to the Haiti mailing list, I received 
Message #6410 from Bob Corbett about a commercial company that was using the 
addresses of individual list members for direct advertising of its business.  
I was appalled to hear that the company not only did that, but then refused 
to respect the Corbett List rules, even after being reminded of them, saying 
outright that they would continue to use the individual list member addresses 
for their own advertising purposes.

The biggest risk taken in pursuing such unethical activities is walking the 
line of keeping or losing one's reputation.

All I can say is that Mason Integrated Technologies (MIT2) has been sensitive 
to the comments expressed by Haiti Mailing List members about so many of our 
commercial-seeming announcements being posted to the Corbett List even 
through official channels (i.e. via the List Moderator). As a result, we have 
significantly limited our announcements to the list, even though such 
announcements and press releases are happening on almost a weekly basis at 
the MIT2 Web site.

I would like to reassure all of you that if you receive messages from MIT2 
other than via the various Haiti, Creole language and technology lists, your 
address is an entry in a list that Marilyn Mason and I have been compiling 
over many years through our own "personal networking" activities with people 
in the Creole-speaking and Creole-interested world. For those of you who know 
Marilyn and/or me, you know that she and I are very sociable types, so we 
like to network with people. Yet, we have specifically chosen not to exploit 
any individual Haiti Mailing List addresses, such as has been rebuked by Bob. 
And for any people who ask to be taken off our private distribution list, we 
do it immediately.

In my many years of being involved in different academic- and 
business-oriented lists, I have learned that respect and ethics are two of 
the key points in proper list-membership conduct. And we at MIT2 strive for 
such high ethical goals in working in collaboration with so many people in 
the Haiti and Creole language sector.

If you have any comments, please feel free to send them to me at my MIT2 
address indicated below.



Jeff Allen
Chief Executive Officer
Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd (MIT2)
Paris, France
Cell phone: (+33) 6 74 47 98 01
E-mail: MIT2CEO@aol.com
Web: http://hometown.aol.com/mit2usa/Index2.html