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6433: Pillaging TELECO (fwd)

From: "J. David Lyall" <david@lyalls.net>

This is good news indeed, depending on how it is carried
out of course.

Pillage. As in, assets of some worth might be sold off for 
less than their fair value?

Look, the fair value of all of Teleco's assetts are probably
less than zero. Teleco makes a lot of money on international
tarrifs, which the central government depends upon mightily.

The childrens textbooks pose an interesting question.
They ask what are the main sources of revenue for the
state. Internal revenue obviously.

The answer given is: Telecommunications and transportation.
Now, obviously these are the two sectors where state provision
is far inferior to almost any other country imaginable.

Fuel taxes and import taxes on vehicles are the obvious targets
for revenue from transportation. Investment in the roads is
basically nil. They usually wait for foreigners to build new roads.

Profits on international tarrifs are where the money comes from
telecommunications. Does domestic phone service get investment?
Everyone knows that it does not.

Realistically they would have to pay someone to take the provincial
land lines off of their hands. No one would take the PauP land lines
for any realistic bribe.

:->Is anyone aware of this situation at TELECO?
:->I get the word last week that Teleco is in the process of opening
:->up their telephone service in the "province " to the private sector.
:->understand that a number of areas in particular, Gonaives, Le Nord
:->already affected whereby the Teleco employees in these areas have
:->been advised that their jobs will be phased out shortly and those
:->survive, will be working from some private " Companies " that have
yet to be 
:->    We need to stay vigilant as the "pillage" of certain sectors
might be in 
:->progress . Can someone elaborate on that situation ? Is the country
for SALE 
:->or else?
J David Lyall
   or, Jedidiah Daudi in full ki-swahili
***** david AT lyalls.net *****