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6438: As plain as can be... (fwd)

From: Guy S Antoine <GuyAntoine@worldnet.att.net>

This is just plain e-mail. No cover. No dressing. No music.
Nothing but...

My sincerest wishes of Happy Holidays to You and Yours...

May the new millenium bring a positive change to your life,
and to the people of Haiti.

May Haiti have a new beginning in 2001 worth celebrating in 
full, come Jan. 1, 2004.

May I have the resources to continue to serve you through
Windows on Haiti. May you find the time to contribute to
the site's Voices, Photos, Forum, and other sections as
well. Right now, for instance, you could enter a pre-bicentennial
tribute to Haiti, right from the main page.

May we all survive the bad times ahead, and enjoy the good 
times, and learn the secret of making the good times last
by sharing them amongst ourselves.

May you prosper, may Haiti prosper...

Peace and Love to all,

Guy S. Antoine
Windows on Haiti
concept, design, execution