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6439: Re: 6420:CIA and 1991 coup:Dorce to Chamberlain (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 12/21/2000 8:02:08 PM Pacific Standard Time, Greg 
Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com> writes:

<< I didn't say the CIA had nothing to do with the 1991 coup.  I have no idea 
 if it was involved.  >>
Why don't you?  It was in all the papers...;)  Or don't you believe what you 
read?  Sorry, just a little journalistic jab.  At the very least the CIA 
encouraged the coup and helped it along, can we agree on that?  There IS 
documentation.  Have you read "The Haiti Files" edited by James Ridgeway?  It 
covers the time preceding the coup up to just prior to Aristide's return.  
You act like CIA involvement in Haiti is a figment of someone's imagination.  
But I'm sure that is not what you really think.
<<Toto C's current situation and his work in Haiti for the CIA (though to 
some, absurdly, that means he must've run the whole country...)>> 
I have never heard this from anyone.  Constant ran FRAPH, and that's the 
extent of it, unless in his own mind he thought he was leading the country.  
To hear Lynn Garrison tell it, it was HE who was running the country...I'm 
sure Cedras would have liked to have heard that!
<<But how does all that prove the CIA ran the coup? >>
Did anyone say the CIA ran the coup?  I think the coup leaders had good 
reason to expect support from the US based on encouragement from the CIA and 
right wing Republicans.  I don't think we have evidence that the CIA ran the 
coup but their involvement should not be in question after the hard evidence 
that is available.
<<But let's beware of those with a disguised agenda (of left or right)
who pretend to be open-minded about reaching a conclusion.  But why 
leave it to journalists?  The method's simple.  We can all examine
evidence.  Trouble is, many aren't too interested in doing the work.>>
I could take this more seriously if you gave evidence yourself.  But I don't 
see any.  Just criticism of others' posts.   That is all Jafrikayiti is 
asking for...evidence.  That's what we all want to see, I imagine. 

Kathy Dorce~