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6440:Re: 6432: Ciguatera toxic poison in Snapper (fwd)

From: joseph lafortune <ctec4234@yahoo.com>

 That reminds of questions(situation) during the FLEX
People who went to next community hospital after ice
cream, mayonnaise and sea food were served( one
The same people were served by an attendan whose left
finger was infected.(different diagnostic)
For the toxin, it is quite possible a Red snapper
could produce an allergic reaction, the Toxin is
seldom..... However, a fish bone that produces an
infected wound shoiuld be cleaned and debrided if need
be, if left untreated we have an osteomyelitis case
that could lead to crippling.

--- Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu> wrote:
> From: "J. David Lyall" <david@lyalls.net>
> :->ADDITIONAL WARNING On Snapper and Ciguatera toxic
> poison.
> :->
> :->I got the poison from dressing a red snapper,
> when one of the spines
> :->pierced my finger.  It took six hours in the
> emergency room to
> figure out
> :->what was happening. 
> A friend of mine in Okap got a fish bone wound which
> he did not
> treat adequately. That hand is now permanently
> crippled.
> I do not know if the toxin contributed to this
> problem, I had not
> considered it before, but it is entirely possible.
> The local old time fishermen say that boiling the
> bones and
> drinking that broth is a treatment. Someone reported
> this
> on the list earlier. Whether this folk medicine
> works is
> unknown, but as there is no other treatment it may
> be
> worth remembering.
> ----
> J David Lyall
>    or, Jedidiah Daudi in full ki-swahili
> ***** david AT lyalls.net *****
> http://www.lyalls.net/

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