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6436: Re: Ruckle replies to Poincy on parallel government (fwd)

From: mark gill <doctorgill@clas.net>

> From: "James R. Ruckle" <jruckle@citynet.net>
> The reason that the Haitian opposition is using a tactic of
nonparticipation, is
> that it worked in Perú. The expected candidate won the vote, but wound up
> resigning three months later because of a total lack of legitimacy. A
phone call
> to Uncle Sam was involved.

****you are claiming that nonparticipation was part of a well organized and
tactical strategy?  this would imply that the opposition was in harmony in
terms of plans/purposes.......further, are you saying that the opposition
actually adopted a tactic used in Peru?  finally, please inform us about the
"phone call to Uncle Sam".........

m gill