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6435: Re: Re: 6282: Greg responds to Gill (fwd)

From: mark gill <doctorgill@clas.net>

> From: Zakai Kinan <kassav@earthlink.net>
> One thing that the opposition seemed to have forgotten is that they will
> have their chance at governing.  President Aristide will not stay in power
> forever contrary to what they think and right now they are not doing
> themselves any favors with pep la.  Instead of building their base for
> they have chosen to plunge the country deeper in crisis.  They certainly
> should start contributing to Civil Society.

*****without "civil society", you have anarchy....which is currently being
seen in Haiti........i doubt this can be avoided, as Haiti begins to throw
off the historical control of the State over the Nation.  Many in all the
political parties, including Lavalas, are practicing anarchy under the guise
of "democracy"..........but, this too is to be expected, since the term
"democracy" has no well founded meaning in Haiti.......

the real test for "democracy" will be IF legitimate political and judicial
institutions are established........this wont be the highest of priorities
for Aristide, however, since his more immediate concerns will be
consolidating his presidency, due to the discord created by the elections,
and finding enough foreign monies to do anything........i doubt the
population that looks to him will tolerate the existing impasse that has
existed during the last five years......from all that i read and hear, there
may very well be false expectations as to what Aristide can actually do, at
least in terms of mollifying the "volk"........

the low voter turn-out may work to his advantage in this
regard........apathy on the part of many may very well mean that
expectations are not too high.......if so, this will help Aristide, and give
him some "breathing room"........

m gill