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6452: Re: 6447: Goff replies to Simidor; Simidor responds (fwd)

From: Karioka9@cs.com

> The thing that occurs to me about hyper-leftism is how lonely it must
> be, to always be the only one who truly understands.  Such self-isolation
> must be very sad.

The thing that occurs to me is that Goff needs a little humility in his life 
(and that some folks on the left are inveterate whores).  What Goff takes for 
"hyper-leftism," I call common sense. Here's a guy who went to Vietnam and  
"saw a race war being conducted by an invading army," and who reenlisted for 
20 years!  Why? The pay was good (he says elsewhere), besides he liked to 
travel. That to me is sad!

"In an unspecified number of those countries," the author explained recently, 
"we received information in the intelligence summaries about a significant 
number of the host nation officers with which we were about to work, 
pertaining to the human rights records of those officers. The intelligence 
summaries described specific instances of severe human right violations 
committed by those officers, and in some cases we were told that those 
activities were probably on-going. . . . Our government did this with the 
full understanding that the insights and skills we were imparting to both 
troops and leaders would enhance these forces' capability to violate the 
rights of their own citizens. . . . Security agents, soldiers, and officers 
in Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, and Colombia personally boasted to me about 
having killed civilians, whom they characterized as guerrilla sympathizers 
and communists, and in Peru I had a Peruvian officer tell me that the only 
friendly Indian is a dead Indian."

Goff soldiered on in Panama and in Grenada.  He hunted down communists in 
Guatemala and El Salvador with the CIA.  Then to Peru to train Fujimori's 
genocidal army, "some of whom were easy-going fellows," how to be more 
efficient butchers. "One major couldn't shut up about how many people he had 
killed." But Goff kept his mouth shut throughout.  Even now he only tells a 
limited story. "Before every mission, Special Operations units are given 
something called an intelligence summary. This is a very comprehensive and a 
very straightforward document that is without exception classified SECRET or 
higher."  Don't look for any of those secrets in his book because Goff 
doesn't want Uncle Sam to come looking for him.  Or to risk his pension.

"Mask no difficulties.  TELL NO LIES.  CLAIM NO EASY VICTORY." (Cabral)

Daniel Simidor