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6506: Soup Jemou (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>
       I just finished supping-up the remains of the soup jemou I made 
     earlier today. It was delicious! It surely was not done the way "mama" 
     would make it, but it turned out great and everyone in the house had 
     several bowlsfull. We even sent some out to the security guys who 
     guard the homes of the "other" people here in Morne Calvaire, and who 
     usually don't even get a drink of water from them! They asked for 
      - Here's how I did it (now don't laugh!):
      - Someone gave us a "pumpkin" (Geremou) the other day, so we sliced   
          it and diced it and boiled the "meat".
      - We then blended it in our blender. (The electricity was on today!) 
      - I then took two packages of dehydrated chicken noodle soup mix and 
          prepared it according to directions.
      - While the chicken soup was a-preparing, I sauteed some onions and   
          garlic in one stick of margarine.
      - When the onions and garlic were "done", I added some of the blended 
          jemou (pumpkin) until it made a nice paste.
      - After the jemou and onions etc were blended with the chicken soup,  
          I poured it into a big pot with the rest of the blended jemou.
      - I dropped a hot pepper into the soup, and added some allspice, a    
          bit of salt, a couple of crumpled fresh basil leaves from our garden, 
          and a little Barbancourt rum! (REAL HAITIAN!)
      - I added a bit of corn flour mixed with skim milk to thicken it.
      - After it was all blended and properly thickened, we let it simmer for    
          about 30 minutes.
      - I served it in nice bowels with a sprinkle of parsley on top...and a few
      It was delicious! Try it, but don't tell others how easy it was.      
          It's the thought of hours and hours of "mama" slaving over the    
          charcoal that makes it taste so good!