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6515: Ayiti's bad press in 2000 (Saint-Vil) (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

C. Herius wrote:

«...this small segment of Haitian society are the ones who unfortunately 
hold the power to spread whatever negative propaganda that furthers their 
cause, and the US media are far too ready to help, since it also furthers 
the US goal of maintaining the status quo.».

What is even more worrysome is the fact that this venimous anti-Haiti 
propaganda is not only practiced by the U.S. but by other eurocentric 
sattellites who seem to also sing from the same choir book.

I remember how last year, among my people, I was sweating joyfully to the 
beat of "Rasin Mapou Azò" at Chanmmas while firecrackers ligthted the skies 
of Port-au-Prince to welcome January 1, 2000 - Independance day & New Year 
celebration. Meanwhile Canadian television elected to use the image of a pig 
bathing in dirt - as the only image representative of how Haiti «the 
poorest...of the Western....» was welcoming their new Christian millenium. 

This year, as part of a retrospective look at 2000 around the world, the 
legislative and presidential elections in Haiti were brushed over not with 
images of voters in line or casting their ballot - but with the now famous 
stereotypical blood smear and scattered ballots in the streets of Pòtoprens. 
What cord are they playing on. Is it assummed perhaps that they have an 
audience that crave precisely for this kind of image?

On the positive outlook these excesses may serve to awake those among us who 
used to take this propagandist press too seriously.

In any case there is plenty for us Haitians to celebrate on this January 1, 
2001 because despite all the help we received from our good "friends" and 
their press, neither the current, nor the future Haitian president attained 
their position via a Coup d'État or via special democratic appointment in 
the U.S. embassy, Washington or Paris.

Viv Ayiti pou tout Ayisyen!

«Depi nan Ginen bon Nèg ap ede Nèg!»

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