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6516: Re: 6476: Re: 6441: Haiti Celebrates Christmas (fwd)

From: NLaleau@aol.com

Dear Sabine,

I read that article too and thought it was weird... for one, it mentioned 
"the squalor of Petionville" or something like that, and I wondered why the 
guy didn't say the squalor of just about any other place in Haiti BUT 
Petionville... but then, maybe Petionville was the only place he (or she) 

As for the fireworks scaring off evil spirits -- once I'd gotten to the 
squalor of Petionville, I guess I didn't even notice the evil spirits. 
Personally, I think Haitians shoot off fireworks because they like the noise 
and colors and it's fun -- no, I'd never heard anything about scaring evil 
spirits off. Maybe in China when they were first invented? 

Nancy Laleau