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6517: Durban Travel Suggestion Beyond Jeremie (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

Hello Group and Happy New Year to all!

For those of you interested in a peaceful Haitian vacation ?en province?,
I can recommend the Anse du Clerc Hotel run by Michel and Danielle
Bonhomme, who moved back to Haiti from Canada about 6 years ago.

Anse du Clerc is a small fishing village about an hour west of Jeremie on
a pretty rough coastal road.  For real diehards, you can drive or take a
coastal steamer from Port-au-Prince to Jeremie.  A much better idea is to
fly in to Jeremie on either Tropical Airways or Caribintair for US$89 RT
from Port-au-Prince.  By pre-arrangement, Michel will pick you up and
bring you to their seaside hotel.  It consists of a large grassy yard with
a round 36' diameter thatched roof choucoune/dining hall in the center
surrounded by three individual 1 or 2 unit choucounes for sleeping,
separate bar and kitchen buildings around the periphery as well as their
own home.  No generator or phones, but a solar panel set up assures each
room of flourescent lighting (leave your hair dryer and other appliances
home, however).  The rooms do not have running water, but perfectly
adequate bathrooms/showers (cold) are a short walk away in a nearby

Danielle and several assistants assure 2 meals a day from mostly local
produce.  We had excellent lobster one night and fish the next, and were
aso offered a couple of other menu choices at each meal.  Bring your
swimming gear and reading material as leisure activities are limited.  We
took a pleasant 90 minute walk through the woods to the neighboring
village of Abricot one day.

Price per night per person is US$ 40 which includes 2 meals a day plus
transportation to and from the Jeremie airport.  For reservations, phone
246-3519 in Port-au-Prince during working hours.  Michel is in daily
contact with this reservation desk from the public phone in Jeremie.

Lance Durban



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