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6509: Re: 6476: Re: 6441: Haiti Celebrates Christmas (fwd)

From: LeGrace Benson <legracebenson@clarityconnect.com>

>I don't know about the Haitians on this list, but where I come from we
routinely set off fireworks to scare away the evil spirits on New Years at
the stroke of midnight.  We also beat the loudest tin pans we could find to
make the most bodacious noise you ever would hear. Then we screamed so the
evil spirits would come out of our bodies and evaporate into the night.
Other wise we went to the Episcopal church on Sundays to relieve us of such
burdens.  New Years Eve was more fun.  The next day we all ate hog jowl and
blackeyed peas-hoppin' john to ensure prosperity for the new year.  There
were signs posted at every faucet:"Don't wash any clothes." We didn't want
any deaths in the family for the year, so we obeyed this preventive
medicine prescription.
Who's superstitious?  We just cover our bets, is all.