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6527: Re: Haiti now: Knowles responds to Henrius (fwd)

From: Phil Knowles <Phildk@prodigy.net>

C. Henrius wrote:

> The whole situation supports my growing
> belief that Haiti's number one problem is
> not poverty, lack of democracy, over-population,
> de-forestation or any of the other maladies often
> named as her downfall.  Haiti's biggest problem
> is her proximity to the United States

I love the simplicity:  make the US go away, disappear, leave Haiti totally
alone, ignore Haiti  -  and voila!  Haiti will get well.

I wonder why Puerto Rico is ok? Well, lots of help from the US and no CIA,
of course.
I wonder why Dominican Republic is beginning to move up  -  the US ignores
her and concentrates on managing Haiti?
And Mexico  -  clearly the US isn't involved there, so that's why they are
growing, moving up, even exchanging their PRI "ruling party" and electing,
god forbid, a businessman!

OK - it's not all that simple, and ok, the US has messed up in siding with
bums in Haiti (and elsewhere). The World Bank etc. may not be espousing the
very best trade practices in every case. We should speak up on these
matters!  But why aren't Haitians at least partly responsible for their
country?  Independent since 1804 - chronic exclusion of most of its people,
who are, today, largely illiterate (but not dumb, not uncaring), bloody
demigods taking control, too little history of judicial system and orderly
elections  -   things which we who love Haiti can see, and which WILL
someday get well.

We who are not Haitian, and love Haiti, and really want to help Haiti, can
only seek ways to offer "help to help themselves".  What does it do if
people put the blame, and responsibility, on the US?

Phil Knowles