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6526: Chinese mushrooms don't = djon djon (fwd)

From: Christopher Keesey <tanbou1@yahoo.com>

> (I too would love to know a source for Haitian Djons
Djons in the U.S.!!!  I have seen recipes that suggest
substituting the dried black Chinese > mushrooms, but
I don't think the flavor or color comes close.)

     You couldn't be more right Barbara!
We have tried a variety of the dried black Chinese
mushrooms from the Asian grocery in Athens, OH with no
luck whatsoever.  Aside from the flavor and color
being completely different, they ballooned in size
when mixed with water, exploding out over the top of
the pot and onto the surface of the stove creating
quite a mess.
     I remember seeing an advertisement for Haitian
Djon Djon a couple of years age that was available via
mail order.  Perhaps it was a link on the UHHP, I'm
not sure. Anyways, I'm sure I am not alone in
anxiously awaiting someone in Corbettland to reveal a
source of acquiring this tasty treat for those stuck
here in the interior the U.S., home of diner from a
frozen box. uhhhg.

Christopher Keesey    

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