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6542: Laleau to Morse (fwd)

From: NLaleau@aol.com

Dear Richard,

If I didn't know you personally I would have a hard time figuring out your 
last post. Even knowing you, it's still hard to figure out, except for the 
drums, and the great quote from your mom -- "My mom tells me I have as many 
rights as anyone else in Haiti. Now   there's a statement for you, "rights in 
Haiti"! "

It is indeed hard for people in the US and abroad to figure out things in 
Haiti... usually they have seen things in clearly drawn lines of right and 
wrong, black and white, and things are not at all that clear. The military 
officer whose uniform people are afraid of can often be the very person 
sending warning messages for people "on a death list" to get out of town... 
your "friends" are often the very ones who stab you in the back... etc., etc. 
When people are desperate they join any palace band they can find. 

There's a phrase in scripture on how to decipher all this -- "By their fruits 
shall you know them." Part of the problem with Haiti is that it's often hard 
to tell which fruits are falling from which trees. The flawed judicial system 
and the informal system of communication make it very easy to hide some 
facts, for a while, but I think that ultimately there will be a day of 
reckoning, when (being biblical again) "the wheat will be seprated from the 
chaff." That will be a hard day.

Nancy Laleau