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6541: The 'ten best' list for 2000 missed one! (fwd)


greetings Corbeteers!
I was so pleased to see the top ten list, and words on the music that was 
released this past year (posting 12/27/00)...but, I can't suppress my desire 
to add to that the important and powerful work of Jephte Guillaume, and his 
CD "Voyage of Dreams".

"Voyage of Dreams" is a double CD that was released in Europe and Japan, 
before the 2000 US release.  The music, that spans Rara to Vodou to 
Dance/House, and Jazz influenced roots rhythms, is the result of a fully 
formed artist: Jephte Guillaume. He  is equally composer, arranger, 
instrumentalist and vocalist...firmly working musically through a conscious 
message, and communicating a striking truth about the pain, injustice, faith 
and hope that all live side by side  in Haiti and for Haitians.  

Surrounded by a great crew of musicians, the need to make you move is the 
prime goal of many of the tracks, as Guillaume is one of the few artists who 
has successfully crossed over into Dance/House music with traditional Haitian 
rhythms and sounds, and has sacrificed none of his (nor the traditional) 
integrity, as a creative force.
This profound music comes to make us dance, to its' deeply  universal message 
of love.

To say this is worth owning is simply an understatement!  The CD is on the 
Spirtual LIfe Label.  Find it at Virgin, Tower and anywhere dance music is 
sold in NYC and environs.

Clarita Luz