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6540: Re: 6527: Re: Haiti now: Dorce comments

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 01/04/2001 7:30:24 AM Pacific Standard Time, Phil Knowles 
<Phildk@prodigy.net writes:

<< We who are not Haitian, and love Haiti, and really want to help Haiti, can
 only seek ways to offer "help to help themselves".  What does it do if
 people put the blame, and responsibility, on the US?>>
I do hope you mean you will ask Haitians what help they need and offer it to 
them without judgement or correction.  If you only want to help "your way", I 
hope you think twice about how helpful that really is, or isn't.  

Also I would comment on the rest of your post to Carol.  It is you who put a 
simplistic spin on her words.  She never said Haiti would get well if the US 
would go away.  Are you saying Aristide does not have to alter his way of 
leading Haiti to please the US?  Do you imagine that strategies have changed 
inside Haiti to accomodate the Bush presidency?  If Haiti were not so close, 
I doubt that there would be that same scrutiny or support of the opposition 
so that they feel comfortable plotting their takeover in the light of day.  
Yes, we are just a bunch of nuts......with crazy ideas about the evil USA.  
If you want to discredit an idea, interpret it in the extreme and then make a 
joke out of it.  I always wonder what it is that makes a person reluctant to 
believe unsavory things about their own red, white and blue government.  
History has all the information, if you care to look at it.

Kathy Dorce~