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6548: Nekita's response to Ram's concern (fwd)

From: Nlbo@aol.com

Dear Corbetland,

I saw Ram's concerns about Creole books that are needed. I have mailed to 
some members in this list an 8 page compiled list of titles of  essays, 
adults' and children's fiction and non-fiction manuscripts  I have written 
between l977 and 2000.
However,  I did not start submitting articles until four years ago.   Two 
years ago I began writing querries and contacting publishers about my Creole, 
French , or English manuscripts.  All I can say, it is time consuming, 
discouraging , emotionally and financially draining to write and try to 
publish. Authors in Corbettland can attest to this sentiment.  
    If one goes <WindowsonHaiti.com> under Contributors or Editorials, click 
on my name. I have four articles. I talked about the need to have Creole 
books in the one I wrote about Creole issues. I forgot the title.  The web 
site<Fouye.com> has most comments I have made  in the discussion lines.
  I try to have one children's Creole phonics book self- published here.  I 
don't have the kind of money they asked to print 1,000; neither do I  have 
the time and energy to do my own distribution.  I also think many Haitian 
authors are not known or their books are not  accessible because of excessive 
Someone from a major publishing company in Haiti saw my children's phonic 
book, they said they will not publish it. They have their own staff. 
 I have written about this issue before on those discussion sites. It is very 
difficult for  writers in general to get published. For Creole writers or 
Haitian writers to publish, it's even worse.
There are some writers with a lot in their drawers. After many of us had done 
major  sacrifices to  write, we find it hard to publish.  Madame Oriole 
Poujol  wrote about Haitian writers' hardships  in a very moving way in an 
article published by the Journal of Haitian Studies around 97-98. She wrote 
about writers in Haiti, but what she said can be applied to writers outside 
Haiti also, especially those who self-publish. Their books are collecting 
dust in many Haitian stores.
Happy New Year to everyone